Everest Region

The Everest or Solu Khumbu region is the secont most popular trekking area in Nepal. It would probably be the most popular destination, but it is more difficult to get to Solu Khumbu than to the Annapurna area. To get near Everest, you must either walk for 10 days or fly to Lukla,a remote and notoriously unreliable mountain airstrip.
if your trek starts at jiri than you will only find porters availabe there. Guides should definitely be brought from Kathmandu.Much has been said about the deteriorating enviroment of the Himalaya.Over that past few years,however,dueto efforts by many overseas expeditions and organisation such as the sagarmatha pollution Control Committee and the Nepal mountaineering Association,education programmes and clean-up campaigns have,to large extent,solved many of the problems.Having said that,the enviromant of the high Himalaya is a very fragile eco-system that is easily put out of balance.The locals lived for generations in relative harmony with their surrounding but the recent influx of tourists has put pressure on the indigenous population to supply more and more services in the name of tourism development. While the Everest National park is somewhat proctected from the worst of the ravages the same can not be said about the area immediately to the south.Here, uncontrolled timber collection for fuel and building has led to a marked loss of timber cover. Certain initiatives within the National park area, such as the banning of glass beer and soft drink bottles, had resulted in a reduction of the amount of non-biodegradable rubbish being left behind. Much more can be done. However particularly by the trekkrs themselves.