Nepal Information

For some its home to the mother of universe; Mount Everest and the great mountains, for others it's the land of brave Gurkha soldiers. Some love it as the only Hindu kingdom or the birthplace of Lord Buddha where as others love it for its sheer natural beauty and its ethnic diversity

For whatever reason one loves this country, Nepal is the land of tremendous beauty and diversity.

This small Himalayan Kingdom Nepal , which occupies just 0.1% of the earth, is very rich in terms of bio-diversity. Its home to 2% of all flowering plants in the world, 8% (862 species) of the total birds in the world, 4% of mammals on earth, 11 of 15 butterfly families found in the world (500 species), 600 indigenous plant families and 319 exotic species of orchids.

The elevation ranges from 69m above sea level; Kanchan Kanan to 8848m above sea level; the world's highest point – Mount Everest. The unique variation has given Nepal a varied eco-system, thick tropical and alpine forests swarmed with diverse wildlife, great peaks of the world, frozen valleys, deep gorges, mysterious canyons, fast and furious rivers, running hills and cool and calm lakes.

Nepal has a population of over 24 million people, with more than 62 different ethnic groups speaking 70 different languages. Nepal bags a colorful array of vibrant cultures, exotic traditions, feasts and festivals lined up every month, unique and wonderful art and architecture and the warm hospitality that people share with each other.

All these have made Nepal a living museum that one cannot resist.

Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal !